Jordan Carbonate provides value to manufacturers across the region who are producing coatings, plastics, and other products.

Paint and coatings

Calcium Carbonate is considered a functional filler due to its ability to enhance coatings performance. The filler selection can significantly influence paints such as opacity, brightness, reflectance, workability and more. Our products contribute to functionality and cost savings in the formulation.


Our range of coated products offers an excellent dispersion in the polymer and allows high mineral loadings. This is the preferred solution to achieve substantial material cost savings and improved processing. Our specially treated calcium carbonate for polyolefins are designed to boost the compounding process and exceed your current mineral loading and achieve what was unfeasible with conventional treatments.

Construction chemicals

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Animal Feed and nutrition

Our animal feed grade calcium carbonate is produced from ultra-pure limestone deposits that undergo rigorous raw material preparation from the very first stages at the quarry to the finished product packaging. Our facilities are well-equipped to supply a wide range of grades with an established quality management system in place to ensure feed safety.

Water treatment

Our calcium carbonate is both simple and efficient to use, requiring only basic equipment. Its non-scaling properties help operators save on maintenance costs, enhancing overall cost-effectiveness. Depending on the customer requirements, our water treatment grades are compliant with the highest local and international standards.

Our range of chips and granules are produced in a state of the art facilities that ensures a minimum amount of fine dust presence in the finished product.

Cement-based products

Due to environmental reasons, the demand for technical Ground Calcium Carbonate to formulate ecological mortar & concrete is rapidly growing. Our high purity Calcium Carbonate combined with a range of particles to enhance the packing and rheology behavior of innovative cement based products. Offering, a new and sustainable mineral addition to support the growth of infrastructure development resulting in an enormous demand for cement and supplementary cementitious materials.