Performance & Efficiency

Industrial research is driven naturally by commercial interests. In contrast to purely academic research, "time to market", "low hanging fruits" and "turnkey solutions" are buzz-words that industrial researchers are faced with on a daily basis. Under these superimposed pressures, it is a major challenge to achieve a good balance of scientific accuracy, systematics, cost efficiency and time efficiency.

A couple of tools help us to keep track of the hundreds of projects in different stages from the idea phase to the ready-to-launch phase. While it is clear that R&D specialists are predominantly active in the early stages of a project, in generating ideas and feasibility studies, it is also important that the inventors support a project through all phases right up to final commercialization.

Intellectual property is a key asset of JCC and its market partners. Securing the freedom to operate and protecting our own inventions have become more important than ever in an increasingly globalized market. Our expanding portfolio of patents enables our customers to use JCC technology, employing our products, and hence also protects our customers in preventing blockage from third parties .

For the JCC Group, intellectual property is a key strategic success tool for protecting innovation and for securing sustainable growth in the different global markets. The patent portfolio of JCC involves all the activities and technologies of the Group across all regions and also provides additional potential in the areas of technology licensing and cooperation .